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Adult Colouring

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Did you know that there was such as thing?! I had no idea until February this year and I am amazed at the exciting and intricate illustrations available to make this new hobby of mine more enjoyable.

Add some colour to your life

Adult Colouring Books! I know right? - Who would have thought there was such a thing. But apparently this has been around for many years and I am only this year just discovering it. There's so many books on this and the best sellers include these Johanna's books which you can find here and I am so looking forward to use them. I have been doing some adult colouring this past month but have been too stingy to buy the books so have mainly been downloading free ones online - you can find my list of downloaded ones here.

Why Adult Colouring?

What do you gain from it? how does it add value to your life? Well, have you tried meditating before, have you felt the need to just refresh and take a break. Take a break away from screens, social media and other everyday distractions. Have you taken some time to reconnect with yourself or find yourself again. Have you taken time to fully be in the present moment. 

Adult colouring is a form of self care in my opinion. Sometimes, the difficulties of life and the expectations we have to meet can be so overwhelming that you just need a break or else you could break. There are so many ways to engage in self care by looking for other distractions to take your mind off your worries even if only for a few minutes. This can help you become clearer in your next steps depending on what you are going through. I believe that one of the immediate and most accessible form to take a break apart from yoga or meditation, is by colouring

Although colouring and art therapy are two different things, colouring does offer many mental health benefits including reducing anxiety, creating focus and bringing about more mindfulness. When colouring, your mind is not jumping all over the place like a monkey, you don't have to think about the process while you are engaged in it. You are only focused on holding your colouring pencils and bringing the colours onto the drawings on the page. You get a therapeutic feeling from this that helps you relax and just let go so that you are in the present moment by just colouring. You also get a sense of achievement when you finish with colouring in the drawing and you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. At least that is how I feel after colouring. Looking at the patterns, picking a colour, that thought replaces other negative thoughts that may cause anxiety and uncertainty so it brings our mind to the present moment. It is a stress free activity. 

Benefits of colouring

-Thought swapping: It helps with a positive mind: It brings out your inner child, reminding us of times when things were simple and our biggest worry was to not miss our favourite cartoons

- It helps you have a clearer view on how to approach difficult situations

- It promotes creation as you unplug from the distractions technology

- Anyone can do it: you don't have to be an artist or a creative person

- Stress and anxiety issues are lowered, it is a form of stress release

- It brings you to the present moment, letting go of what does not serve you

- It elicits a relaxing mindset similar to what you achieve from meditation

- It is something you have control over since it is predictive in the patterns, details and repetition, so it is very calming

- It is simply just fun

- It is social: Did you know that there is such a thing as colouring parties where adults come together to have a party to just colour. You can do it while talking and having wine with your friends.

- It trains your brain to focus: staying inside the lines allows you to focus without causing stress

- It lets you be you: You can colour however you want, a dog can be pink, an apple can be orange - it's your colouring book so you colour however you want.

- Like crossword puzzles, it may delay the onset of dementia (don't quote me on that though)

- It is not as time consuming as my other hobbies like making soaps. It's just easy to do. 

I think everybody should try this as a fun form of meditation and self care. If you dislike crossword puzzles, try colouring. So, if you haven't started colouring yet, seriously, what are you doing? - If you would like to add more colour to your life, check out these top colouring books on Amazon! 

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