Address: Mornington Hall, The Green Walk, Chingford, London E4 7EN

Phone: 079 0403 4404


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Block book 6 classes for the price of 5! - This guarantees you a mat space every week.


Classes start with exploring the breath as you slowly build up to aligning the body for a relaxing and focused flow. During this class, you will breathe, focus, flow, stretch and balance; exploring the breath as you slowly build up to aligning the body for a relaxing and focused flow.


Each class will focus on releasing tension in various parts of the body - great for people suffering from some chronic pain conditions uch as fibromyalgia, sciatica, and pain from sitting at office desks. 


The class starts with gentle warm up or a form of meditation/breathing exercise, followed by sun salutation easing you into yoga flow as you are guided to concentrate on your pain/improvement areas such as neck, back or hamstrings following on to relaxation 'Savasana' with crystal sound bath. 


Suitable for all levels of yoga students with some experience with yoga.


Possibility for progressions for those who wish to work harder.


Mats and blocks are provided but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Block Book 6 Classes for the price of 5

    • The full 5 week term fee is non refundable if classes are missed.
    • All 5 week terms will be offered on consecutive weeks unless otherwise stated at the time of booking.
    • Once your fee is paid, there is no need to book in to individual classes - your mat space is guaranteed for 5 weeks and you will automatically be booked into class.
    • Mat spaces are limited per class and bookings operate on a first come first served basis
    • If you are unable to attend your usual class and wish to swap for a different time/date, this might be possible subject to availability.
    • If I take a holiday on a yoga class day, I will give you as much notice as possible - term duration will be extended by the relevant number of weeks so that teaching time remains 5 weeks.
    • If I am unable to attend a class at last-minute, such as due to illness, I will contact you using the details you provide on your health questionnaire (therefore please let me know if your details change).
    • Before attending class, please ensure you complete the health questionnaire on the 'yoga class' page and refer to the FAQ section - this will help you prepare for your class.